A generation awakens with Facebook revolution

As scheduled, the Facebook campaign “Show up. Stand up. Speak up. Else, shut up” took place at Maitighar Mandala from 3 to 3:30 p.m yesterday and to most of us the program was a real success, I must say. Not because the program went smoothly but because we were able to get hundreds of youths on the street with one motive. Moreover, we were able to convey our real message of our unity and want of constitution and portray our awareness. Want of constitution is just one of the pretexts, in fact the motive behind the event was to depict that the generation has now been aware thus awaken!

Nepali Generation awakes

The event was attended by a couple of hundred, mostly youths and what would I like to call them the Facebook and Twitter generation of the country. The event also saw support from popular Miss Nepals including Malvika Subba, Jenisha Moktan, Sahana Bajracharya and Sadichha shrestha. (Appreciable, people as these supporting the causes will definitely add value to the title.) And surprisingly, the event also had a presence of a member of the Nepali Parliament and a sitting lawmaker, Sunil Babu Pant. He took some of his time to explain what was going behind the scenes that is taking it too long to come up with a constitution.

“It was a really good start, was raining but still around 400 people showed up. The police didn’t let us in the original area so improvised; still the campaign was exciting with vibrant crowd.” told Ujwal Thapa, one of the initiators of the campaign in a Facebook chat with Nepali Blogger. Anil Chitrakar and Stuti Basnyat were other main architects of the campaign. The idea was supported by several others by contributing to the facebook page and tweeting about it.

We are just three weeks away from the extended date of Constitution drafting and there seems to be no real progress and concern over meeting the deadline. Political deadlocks are rising and the steps forward on constitution drafting on time remains a challenge. Hopefully, events like this will pressurize the government to do their homework in time.

Watch the Video from the “Jyala Pura Liyau, Aba Sambidhan deu” campaign through the Show up. Stand up. Speak up. Else, shut up event.

For more Videos see this Nepal Unites Channel on Youtube.

Here’s the Image Gallery from the event. (Images with permission from Rajesh Luitel and some from Nepal Unites page.)

And finally to sum this post up, let’s start doing everything we can from our side to support this campaign. Even sharing the facebook page, tweeting about it or even a single blog post as this will help us to gain popularity for the event. WE CAN!

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