Nepal is not honoring Mr Stephen Colbert!

Hey Stephen Colbert, however funny you may be with your episodes, Nepal is not honoring you at all seriously. In fact why do you have that respectful word “honored”? Stephen Colbert not honoring NepalYou should be “hated” by all Nepalis now. I know you make fun; “that’s what you do for your living. (Oh yes, I too know you have written some books as well) But hey let’s get to the topic, making fun of others culture, others identity? I didn’t get you there! Doesn’t that suck?

(For this post readers; Meet Mr Stephen Colbert who thinks himself so brilliant to host “The Colbert Report” on Comedy Central recently made fun of Nepali identity and culture in one of his episodes. Watch the videos below)

Check the episode videos on Nepali Blogger Facebook page. (as the videos aren’t made available everywhere, but you can still access from facebook irrespective of your location)

First, Nepali Flag is our identity; the only flag not in the rectangular shape (see the difference!). It’s not that we don’t know the shape of the rectangle but I doubt if you really know that pennon shape. And hey where do you find that “Flags should be only of rectangle shape? I am still trying to figure out why this point became so funny to you and your American audience!

Second, you added KUMARI next to OLSEN TWINS which clearly shows the time you have really invested in researching this! Also shows how literate you are to call other illiterate with this. Your irritation with the surname Shakya will continue forever as it’s only selected from the Shakya clan of the Nepalese Newari community (in case you don’t know).

And does it make sense when you say your country is the holiest land on earth while you making fun of others religious belief? After all you are a Joker (meaning fool), yes that’s what we call you (comedian is a far standard word for you!)

Well, if you take these criticisms as your positive part of popularity, think yourself why you included Nepal? Wasn’t it that popular enough to get your attention? And funny that you say you were pissed by this Small Fragile, Poor and illiterate Country in Chaos.

Time to grow up Mr Stephen Colbert and learn some culture! Get it straight “Our religion and our culture is our pride” and don’t ever dare to make jokes on it.

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