Download Nepali Microsoft Office Interface Pack 2010

I am sure many of us use our operating system windows in Nepali and I wonder how cool would it have been if all programs were that popular in Nepal to have a Nepali version of it?

Unfortunately, there are only some programs/applications that are widely used in Nepal that the developers care about investing and developing it for the Nepali audience. Like in many other countries, Microsoft and its products rule the software industry of Nepal.

Microsoft Windows and Office in NepaliMicrosoft’s popular software Windows operating software should be the most widely used software in Nepali context (use of other OS’ such as Linux is also increasing). And to those who want to use this Nepali, Microsoft has already released the windows 7 Language interface pack. You can download the Windows 7 language interface pack from here.

Moving on to Microsoft’s another most popular product in Nepal; “Microsoft Office 2010” interface pack was released recently and with this, you can now use the 2010 version of Microsoft office easily in Nepali.

The Microsoft Office Language Interface Pack 2010 provides Nepali interface to Nepali Users of its products including Excel, Onenote, Outlook, Powerpoint and Word. One important specification among others is that you should be using windows 7, the latest version of the windows operating system.

Here are the complete sets of instructions on how to download, install and use the Nepali Microsoft Interface Pack 2010.

With the introduction of Unicode, there isn’t much effort required to develop Nepali version of websites but the situation is still tough with software. What do you think of this? Let us know. Oh BTW did I forget to say that you can even use and type in Facebook in Nepali!

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