Parkmandu - Transforming Kathmandu, One Park at a Time

Parkmandu is an initiative that is transforming Kathmandu’s urban spaces and making them livable and enjoyable for everyone. Our collective initiative is working with local communities to build and rebuild parks and other open spaces in order to improve the way people live their neighbourhoods in the city.

Kathmandu’s urban development has been going under crucial transformation for the last decades. This transformation has left aside public policies for open spaces and as a consequence, less than 1% of the city is a public territory and there is a substantial pollution rate and absence of greenery.

These circumstances are warning signals to understand why Kathmandu needs to start rethinking its urban planning in order to give citizens a good quality of life and valuable public areas to live.

Parkmandu goes further than just building parks. This project wants to engage communities to improve their environments and living conditions through participatory design. This type of design intends to encourage people to be proactive in society and to work for their cities.

All Parkmandu’s projects are owned by local communities who find the resources and put their effort for the creation of the parks.

This is a very recent but courageous enterprise that started in November 2016. In only four months of hard working and spreading the word, Parkmandu has started three community designs and two park constructions.

Our second park construction is under work and it is intended to be the first public space with entire accessibility for everyone. To fulfil the purpose, Parkmandu has launched a Crowdfunding Campaign. You can help us turn our dreams into reality by supporting us.

If you can dontate, here’s our fundraising page on generosity.

Parkmandu team want to share this campaign and request contribution from all those who believe in our cause for whatever amount possible as every cent will make a difference. You can learn more about our story in the video below.

And of corse, sharing this dream of ours in the social media, with all of your friends and family that can be interested in Parkmandu can pave a way for making Kathamandu better together.

“Building Parkmandu is building a proper future for the next generation. It’s a small seed that will help greenery grow in the city”.

Parkmandu Pocket Parks for Kathmandu

You can learn more about Parkmandu on our Facebook Page and contribute on our Generosity fundraiser page.

Written by – Walter Morselli of Parkmandu Project with edits from Nepali Blogger team.

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