Nepal stands out in World Expo 2010 China

With the theme of “Tales of Kathmandu City – Seeking the Soul of a City; Exploration and Speculation” Nepal’s Pavilion in World Expo 2010 stands out among others and is one of the top ten visited pavilions. Nation Pavilion day for Nepal was celebrated on last Friday, third of September. Foreign Minister Sujata Koirala had been there for the inauguration of the event. Nepal’s Pavilion in Shangai, china is the largest pavilion as such constructed by Nepal so far in international events.

Nepal's Pavillion in shanghai china

The pavilion recaptures important historic periods in its greater than 2,000-year development as a center for architecture, art and culture. It also depicts the current urban expansion in Kathmandu, shedding light on the opportunities and challenges in environment protection and development of renewable energies.

It is expected that 15 million people will view the pavilion and it has generated a great interest among the visitors in the world expo. China Daily has published a video that includes Nepal Pavilion and interview of Amrit R Shakya, chairman of IEG Nepal, Official Organizer of Nepal for Expo 2010. Watch the Video below.

In the Video, Amrit says the pavilion entitled ‘The Story of Kathmandu’ was designed and constructed by some 400 skilled craftsmen from Nepal. The building materials were designed by the craftsmen in Nepal and it took them four years to complete the work. The most touching line for me is “Buddhism is not our religion, its way of our life and we want to spread the message of peace all over the world.”
For image Gallery visit our previous post, Nepal’s Pavilion of World Expo 2010 Shanghai. This is going to help the Nepal Tourism for sure. Think of the impression people will have after visiting this stalls of Nepal and even if a portion of the visitors could make it to Nepal. We all should be really grateful to the people who have made this possible.
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