Nepali Search Engine ebuzzasia Coming Soon!

Some years ago, most of us in the Nepali tech community were introduced with the search engine “Sagoon”. Though I didn’t have a clear idea about the search engine, it was interesting then because of the Nepali Founders. Ebuzz asia Nepali search engineNow another search start-up to hit the news is ebuzzasia, also dubbed as “Nepal’s search engine”. And if so, this will be the first search engine developed especially for Nepal.

The start-up was unveiled for the first time at the ongoing Midas CAN SofTech 2010 in Nepal. Apar thebe, who is behind this search engine thought about it when he didn’t find necessary documents for his studies purposes. He also hopes to launch it commercially by October.

The Ebuzz asia team that includes 14 youths is working on the project estimates nearly three years to come up with a complete version. Although the page seems to be completely in construction, I managed to peek through the blog section which has some two three posts published. One of the Posts says, Ebuzzasia is Next Generation Search technology and indexing system similar to Good Big-table algorithm..

Going back to Sagoon, I don’t think it came up to everyone’s expectation. I don’t understand why use search engines other then Google, Bing, and Yahoo? If Sites are up to the standard and everything goes well, it’s almost sure that they have indexed the content. But yes, when you have a unique approach with your search engine, then it makes sense to go along. Although with a little idea of this search engine, I believe it has a unique concept and approach. See the image below of their search results.

Ebuzzasia Nepali Search Engine

Immediate reaction from me is, if they going to focus digitalizing Nepali content, I think the name “ebuzz asia” they are starting with is not that appealing. Common people, come up with a Nepali Name! Anyway let’s see how they going to develop it and how they are going to come up.

You got any idea or something to share? Let us know in the comments below.

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