Dasdhunga – Nepali Movie

Greater Nepal was awesome, fascinating and above all inspiring. And now it’s exciting to know the Greater Nepal Documentary maker “Manoj Pandit” has come up with a movie “Dashdhunga”. It has been some days the movie being released in Nepal and is already getting positive reviews.

Dasdhunga - Nepali movie

The movie was premiered in Kumari Hall last Thursday and was released by CPN-UML Chairman Jhala Nath Khanal. Some other political party leaders including Baburam Bhattarai also attended the premiere event. The Movie Dasdhunga is based on the road accident incident of former UML General Secretary Madan Bhandari and leader Jeevraj Ashrit. The name of the movie comes from the name of the place where the incident took place (Dasdhunga of Chitwan) on Jestha 3, 2050.

The movie includes Anup Baral and sanchita luitel along with several other actors. The film is based on investigation of the mystery with dasdhunga event. The main character of the story does the work of investigation on course he has been revealed to lots of interesting information which suggested him to conclude that the accident wasn’t just a simple accident but the conspired accident.
Here’s the synopsis of the movie .

The vehicle on which UML General Secretary Madan Bhandari and another central committee member Jivanath Aasrit were travelling from Pokhara to Chitwan driven by Amar Lama fell down in the Narayani River on the date of 3rd Jestha 2050. Both leaders died on the accident whereas Amar Lama survived without any harm. The story starts from this point of accident and the character follows all corresponds researching (investigating) the mystery, unfolding lots of aspect, the conflict designed over this struggle for unfolding the root of mystery. The story also provides the investigation of murder of Amar Lama who got killed on open spaces of Kritipur with 3 bullets being triggered on his head and spot death, with ups and down on the character’s personal life as well as professional life, the story is structured balancing the fact and fiction.

Watch the Official trailer of the Movie below.

I hope Manoj Pandit has done great justice with this movie by including the popular incident. The movie should not only entertain people but also inspire them to find answer to “Who killed Madan Bhandary?” Have you watched the movie? Let us know your reactions in the comments below.

Image: Official Site of the Movie

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