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Have you been waiting for any Nepali Movies lately? It’s been long I have been in theatres to watch Nepali Movies.

Sano Sansar was the last Nepali movie I watched at Jai Nepal, and the movie was just okay for my expectations. But anyway, the movie was really successful in comparison with other Nepali Movies and Alok Nembang, the director of the movie was successful establishing himself as a promising filmmaker of our generation.

Now I am excited to know that the Sano Sansar director is coming up with his another movie “Kohi Mero”, which is scheduled to release soon. But what if it’s copy of any other Korean Movie like Sano Sansar (which faced allegations that it was inspired by My Sassy Girl) ?

Kohi Mero Nepali Movie Well, to that query Alok Nembang says his upcoming movie is completely original. Let’s hope so!

We may criticise a lot but Nepali Movies are getting better day by day and when directors like Alok Nembang are fully involved, the industry is bound to succeed.

Nembang’s second Movie “Kohi Mero” is a youthful story of love and friendship featuring Aryan Sigdel, Sanchita Luitel, and Jharana Bajracharya. The other players in the movie are Tripti Nadekar, and Dinesh Sharma. Music Composers of the movie include Suresh Adhikary, Basanta Sapkota, and Suresh Rai. Seems the Movie is really good with favourite actors of Alok. Here’s the official preview of the movie.

Update: The full movie is now available to watch online.

This movie is being shot in 2k digital format and has the budget of around 5.5 Million. Rather than me talking about the movie without watching it, I will embed the synopsis of the movie for you to decide if you need to watch the movie.

Movie Synopsis

Kohi Mero is the fun, flirtatious, youthful story of four friends who embark on a journey to discover the meaning of love and friendship. Each of us desire love, and each of us desire a specific kind of love and a specific way of illuminating our lives through it. Abhi, Ashna, Prayash and Dibya are similarly in search of a special kind of love. Ashna and Prayash, twofriends who have known each other forever, are separated by circumstance from Abhi, their mischievous but poetic
friend who chooses ambition over friendship. Years later, at a fateful time in their lives, he realizes that he has to choose again, between keeping his friendship and going after the love of his life.

Like Nepali Movies?

If yes, then go for some of these Wallpapers of the Movie Which has been release by its official Site.

More Information and Updates regarding the Movie can be found at Kohi Mero Blog.

What do you think about the movie? Are Nepali movies improving? Are you going to watch this movie? Let us know your view by adding comments below !

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