Novel Mayur Times of Narayan Wagle

Head over to the photos of Narayan Wagle on his Facebook profile and you will see several campaign pictures of his upcoming novel Mayur Times.

This wasn’t the first time I noticed about the upcoming novel on my top news of my Facebook wall. I came to know about the novel when Narayan Wagle changed his profile picture this month with the cover page of his novel Mayur Times.

And since then, lots of friend’s posts and tweets about the novel have reminded me of the upcoming novel.

I am really looking forward to read this Mayur Times of Narayan Wagle. I have especially been fan of Narayan Wagle after having read his last novel Palpasa Cafe, which was published in 2005 and is still one of the best-selling books of Nepal.

This was the first Nepali Novel that I read some two years ago after having read its English version (I still have both the books in my reading shelf). Like me, I believe this is the first Nepali novel that many Nepali youngsters from urban areas read. I still remember one of my friends, who is addicted to English novels holding this book in class during my high school. It wasn’t surprising to hear positive comments regarding the book from most of my friends including him. The novel was really good and readers like us always wanted to find more such novels. Well, now when the same writer is coming with his another novel, why wouldn’t I be excited about it?

Mayur times will be available on 10th of March and will be distributed by Educational Book House. The book is also being published by nepa~laya, which published his first novel Palpasa Cafe. Nepa~laya and Education Book House have made proper arrangements to reach as many Nepali readers as possible. Kiran of Educational Book House told the Republica News that they are printing 10,000 copies in the first print run to fulfil the demand, and this was the first time they were feeling such pressure from the market.

Price? Don’t worry it’s not expensive as the Harry Porter book (series). I think the price is same as that of his first Novel, Palpasa Cafe. The paperback and hard-cover editions are priced at Rs 300 and Rs 500, respectively.

Meanwhile, here’s a gallery of Narayan Wagle’s Book “Mayur Times” Campaign published around Nepali media and found on Facebook that will get your more excited for the Novel.

Mayur Times Launch Update as of 10th March

Mayur Times is now available to buy all over the country. See the image below of Narayan Wagle releasing his book in a recent book event.

Narayan Wagle Launches Mayur Times
Narayan Wagle Launching Mayur Times

What Nepali Bloggers Say

Dinesh Wagle
Blog Entry : Narayan Wagle comes up with Mayur Times!

“Journalist Narayan Wagle is all set to launch his eagerly awaited second book Mayur Times. Written in the backdrop of Nepal’s current conflict, Mayur Times revolves around Nepal’s transitional crisis, according nepa~laya, the publisher who also brought out Palpasa Café.”

His tweet

@wagle So it is Mayur Times! Narayan Wagle’s next novel. Can’t wait to grab a copy. #MayurTimes


“@ UjjwalAcharya Palpasa Cafe’s author Narayan Wagle’s new novel (Mayur Times) is on journalism. Hmmmm. #MayurTimes”

You Speak

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