Jordan 9 – 0 Nepal Match [Video]

Most of you requested live channels to view the most expected (and Important) match of Nepal Vs Jordan yesterday. We provided some live streaming channels in our post during the game and hopefully most of you should have enjoyed the live stream if not the scores. For those who couldn’t catch a glimpse of the horrible match played by Nepal and are still doubting the scores, here’s the video preview with all the goals scored. (watch the video above!)

Nepal was defeated with a big gap of 9-0 by Jordan making it the one of the worst defeats of all time. Nepal’s other highest margin defeats include 16-0 defeat at the hand of South Korean during Asian Cup Qualifiers in 2003, 12-0 against China during Olympic Qualifiers in 1987 and 11-0 against UAE in 1984 Asian Qualifiers.

Nepal National Football Team for Jordan

The Nepali team (Pictured above) has already left the hotel at 8:30 AM JST(11:15 NST) for Airport and is expected to arrive by late evening in Kathmandu.

With this, it’s almost certain that Nepal is out of the World Cup qualifiers. If so called “magic” really happens, Nepal, to retain the position and move onto the third round of qualifiers, should be scoring 10 goals against Jordan in the second leg game to be played on home ground of Nepal. That now seems almost impossible and it would be wise if we just wish that Nepal plays a competitive match on its home ground and be able to defend properly!

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