New Year 2068 Celebration of Hounslow Community London

Nepali New year 2068 is there and the celebrations have marked this beginning everywhere. Nepalis all around the world gather to celebrate and mark this new beginning everywhere. I happened to attend one of those New Year celebrations in the community I am based. The Amalgamation Central Community (ACC), the integrated community of Gurkha and Nepalis based in borough of Hounslow organised a New Year celebration-2068 here in Hounslow west.

Borough of Hounslow, London has a vibrant Nepali Community. According to official consensus more than 500 Nepali families alone are settled here. The number has tremendously increased as Gurkhas officially started settling in the UK after after January 2005. However vibrant the Nepali figures may be, community has yet to gain a momentum here. But this community’s stuff should make another story.

Happy New Year Nepali Blogger
Amalgamation Central Community (ACC) of Hounslow, London

Moving on to the New Year celebrations, the program was mainly intended to share greetings of the upcoming Nepali New Year 2068. Although a poor attendance of about 50 people, the program was successful in terms of featuring Nepali cultural programme. Most importantly the programme made it possible to share Nepali greetings among community people.

Here’s the video of the performances in the event. Watch and leave a comment below.

Also let us know how your community celebrated this New Year? Happy New Year everyone!

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