Gal Gadot - Fast And Furious 5 Actress in Nepal

You may not know this Israeli actress and model Gal Gadot but she definitely deserves a check out! And not just because she appears damn hot in the latest 5th movie of Fast & Furious but because this hotty and sexy had made it to Nepal earlier this year!

Gal Gadot in Nepal

Gal Gadot visited Kathmandu, Nepal in somewhere around February this year for a week. Her Kathmandu named Album on her facebook page along with the description “some NEW pictures of Gal’s last week in Kathmandu! (:” came in handy for us to show bring some images of her in Nepal. So here are some images from her photo album.

May be the media couldn’t cover a single piece of news of her being in the country because she was not that popular then. Or may be it was more than Demi Moore’s Secret visit to Nepal! But now when this girl is making on to front covers of top magazines and even on our statuses, she definitely needs a buzz relating to her visit to Nepal. What say?

Images Via Gal Gadot Official Facebook Page

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