Education UK Exhibition 2011 in Nepal

According to ministry of education in Nepal 6,627 students came to UK last year and according to statistics provided by the UK Bordering Agency 5,300 students applied for UK student visa in 2009. If the aforementioned figures are something to go by, Education UK has an important role among the Nepali students seeking education in foreign countries. And if you too happen to be the UK education aspirer, here’s a recommended exhibition for you in Kathmandu; “Education UK Exhibition”.

Education UK Nepal British Council in Nepal presents ‘Education UK Exhibition‘ from 12-13 February, 2011 from 1100 to 1730 hours at DECC (Direction Exhibition and Convention Centre), United World Trade Centre, Tripureshwor in Kathmandu. I would strongly recommend this exhibition to anyone aspiring to come to UK for their further studies. You will learn a lot about the colleges directly from the officials. Good thing, you will no longer need to depend on your friends gossips; you can directly fire your questions to those officials on the stall.

The UK is undoubtedly one of the most popular destinations for students in Nepal and the British Council itself coming up with an exhibition to provide the right information to the students is really appreciable. The event not only aims to promote UK education but also wants to increase the understanding of UK’s expertise in education. Along with the stalls of twenty one different colleges the exhibition will feature seminars / presentations by the representatives from British Council, British High Commission in Delhi and UK institutions.

Every year the number of students seeking for British education goes on increasing and so the UK education institutions have been the much sought-after. According to Statistics provided by the UK Border Agency 750 students applied for visa from October to December in 2007, while the number dropped to 250 for the same period in 2008, but the number rose to 5,300 in 2009. The number should have again doubled in 2010 (I assume).

Here’s the list of participating universities and colleges as provided by the British Council Nepal.

Education UK exhibition 2011

  1. University of Aberdeen
  2. University of Bedfordshire
  3. Brunel University, West London
  4. Bradford University
  5. British Institute of Technology and E-commerce
  6. University of Central Lancashire, Preston
  7. University of East Anglia
  8. University of East London
  9. University of Greenwich, London
  10. Liverpool Hope University
  11. Middlesex University
  12. NCC Education
  13. University of Northampton
  14. North West College, Reading
  15. Queen Margaret University
  16. South London College
  17. Staffordshire University
  18. Stevenson College, Edinburgh
  19. Swansea University, UK
  20. Teesside University
  21. University College Birmingham.

Download above card from British Council Nepal for free entrance to the exhibition.

Beware! The above listed universities and colleges not necessarily are the best ones just because they are in the exhibition list of British Council. Most of these universities are ranked lower in UK’s comparison lists and five of them are just colleges (some even owned by Nepali). So do your proper research before you opt for these colleges. You can get better colleges and universities for the same fees the above listed ones have to offer. So my important suggestion is while this exhibition should help you understand the UK Education situation, you don’t necessarily need to go for these colleges.

Say a big NO to UK?

While you should hear this from everyone in the country now, not everything is necessarily true. UK’s Education still holds the academic excellence hallmarks. But the Sad truth is that Education in UK is really expensive. Don’t fly to UK expecting to pay your college fees with the earnings here and finding jobs overnight. Here’s a good report from the Nepali BBC reported last year on the issue of students problems here in UK. (Worth to spend some time listening to the episode as it reveals some of the real situation faces by students here in UK.)

So, this exhibition should be an opportunity for you to learn more about the education system in UK along with the visa policies. Beware don’t depend on the educational consultancies which are abundantly available all over the city, this is your chance to explore the truth yourself.

If you have any queries go ahead and leave a comment below, myself being a student in the UK; I will try my best to help you.

On a side note, stay tuned if you happen to be looking for US for further studies. US embassy is also coming up with its version of Education USA which will be hosting some online discussions regarding your college choices. (But that should make another story!)

News and Image via: British Council Press Release
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