Nepal on Google’s Special Holiday Doodle

It’s not just I am feeling lucky; we all should be feeling lucky now.

Nepal is featured on the latest Google Doodle (illustrations on the Search Engine’s Logo) on its home page. A cool holiday card from Google to Nepal!

Nepal on Google Doodle

So what’s special anyway?

According to WSJ, the doodle design took five artists about 250 hours and features 17-holiday scenes from around the world. Nepal is one of the international illustrations found in the Doodle especially created for the holiday.

The Holiday card represents our Buddhist culture where in three Buddhist women in their traditional dresses are seen in front of what seems to be Swaymbhhu, the most popular Buddhist monastery in the country. The card not only illustrates our religious ethnicity and importance but also clearly reveals Nepal as a birth place to famous Gautam Buddha.

Well, it’s not just a fun holiday card. The doddle’s interactivity has added a great importance to Nepali Card. Click on the Nepali card and it goes to the search results for Nepal. An engine where billions of people search daily, featuring Nepal and linking to it should be a great means for the popularity of Nepal. Especially as we are just some weeks away from our much hyped “Visit Nepal 2011”, this can be a great support for the event.

Doodles are the illustrations that occasionally appear on the Google’s logo to commemorate holidays, pop-culture touchstones, civic milestones and scientific achievements. This doodle will remain on the site for almost three days.

Don’t miss to have a look yourself on the search engine’s homepage. And to an end, Thank you Google for making Nepal as a part of its important holiday doodle.

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