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It’s pretty interesting;

This is third time Dautari, a Nepali bloggers group is organising an online meetup for Nepali bloggers. The meetup will be hosted online and live at . It’s not any live video conference, so all the participants are supposed to text their views and ideas in the chat box. This third online meetup of Nepali bloggers is going to run live tomorrow (Saturday, 7th of August) at 9.00 am NST (Nepali Standard TIme). More then 20 bloggers have signed up already for the event and now the list is awaiting you. Go and signup by leaving a comment on this dautari’s page.

The way it works is that; your name will appear in the participants list after you leave a comment that you are attending. And then, when the event starts tomorrow at 9.00 in the morning, you will be given a chance to speak accordingly to the name in the list. Bloggers will be discussing on topics that will be of help to Nepali bloggers.
Some Topics decided till now;

  • Maintaining standard of Nepali Blogs
  • Growing blog readers
  • How to keep on Nepali Blogs moving on (sustainability)

You can suggest us more topics on what we should be discussing on.

Little weird

A meetup of half a hundred bloggers on a page, and just with text; Sounds weird isn’t it? I have seen lot of comments on the blog page and group page about the venue. Well, everyone expects that for meetup. But this one is an online one and Live. It will be hosted on Still doubting, this is the third time, Visit the first and second meetup pages they have created after successful conversations.

and Really Valuable

Connection is the most import aspect I am looking forward from this live online meetup. Bloggers, if you reading this, the only piece of advice I can give to you is – Focus on making connections with other bloggers rather than spamming the conversation with your blog links. Have interest in people and their ideas. Your blogs will be automatically taken care of.

And Finally I made this post not only to inform you about the online meetup but also to point out some cool Nepali bloggers that will be actually making event this successful with participation. I really need to call them active Nepali Bloggers.
So here goes the list from the Dautari post comments that have actually confirmed for the live meetup.
2. Ashesh
3. Ram Pun:
4. Khemnath:
5. Ayush:
6. Basanta
7. Amit
8. Rajendra
11. LuvNepal:
12. Nabin K.M:
13. Subin Shrestha
14. Dhruba
15. Bishwa Poudel:
16. Sanjeev
18. Yatri
19. Prajwol:
20. Dilip Acharya:
21. Pradeep kumar singh:

> a tip to those who are not using real names; Real names represent a real person behind it and they are really useful even if you are representing your organisation or company.

I will give a link to all of the bloggers in my next post after having attended the event.

You can see that; I am also able to make the list at end 🙂 . Well, I am attending this event for the first time but its not like I wasn’t aware of this. I had managed to go through previous conversations on their blog posts. Hope this Live one brings more energy for me and everyone to do something better for the Nepali Blogger community.
What do you think? Lets us know in the comments below.

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