Thanks to Socially Active Nepali Bloggers!

Well, we made it!

The third meetup of Nepali bloggers organised by Dautari was indeed successful. At least that’s the optimistic part and the best part to start with. Almost thirty bloggers from all over the world made it up to the live chat room to discuss on aspects of Nepali blogging.

Dautari, on its trend of organising, managed to go through the formal aspects of co-ordinating the whole program and making it a success. Thanks to all socially active Nepali Bloggers!

Nepali Bloggers GroupNow comes the progress part of the meetup. Generally, meetups are for sharing ideas and it’s expected that the participants within are benefited from the activity. This particular meetup had its own agenda to continue with the discussions. With specified two hours long discussion, bloggers were at least able to put forward their views on certain topics brought forward. Hope many of those who were actually ahead of the chat box reading the messages got something out of the box.

On the darker side, it wasn’t all smooth, though. First, I don’t think all those who signed up or at least informed to be, could make it up to the discussions. That’s fine, we all have our own complications and even reasons to protect our back. When I actually entered the chat box, there weren’t more than 25 bloggers in the chat list and it probably peaked up to 30 in number, gradually getting back to some 15 active ones. So that’s it, We may have more than 1500 Nepali blogs but when it came to meetup we had only 15 bloggers!

I agree with most bloggers saying that “most bloggers didn’t get the event info or it was too late”. In fact, I too discovered it just a day before the meetup. Some extra effort such as email newsletter and asking other blogs to write about the meetup would have improved the scenario. Hope Nepali Blogger meetups are better planned next time.

Let’s move on to something interesting now. As promised in my earlier post of Nepali Bloggers Meetup, I visited all the blogs of bloggers participating in the meetup. This really helped me to understand the Nepali blogging scenes. It took some time as I went up to leaving a message or comment, but it was really fruitful. And finally, I have come up with the list of blogs and few lines on who they are. Some link juice for you bloggers 🙂

1. Dautari;

Nepalean represented the blog. Dautari was the host of Nepali Bloggers third online meetup and it’s really popular among Nepali blogging community. Dautari is basically a team a writers that comes up with lot of interesting nepali articles.

Nepali Blogger Ratings: High

2. Gufgaf;

Asesh poudel was to represent from the blog. This family run blog is mainly on nepali literature and also consists some daily life gossips.

Nepali Blogger Ratings: High

3. Ram Pun;

Although a personal name, the blog seems to be on Information Technology. Some cool slide shows but a poor layout!

Nepali Blogger Ratings: Average

4. Sahitya Batika;

Ayush represented the blog. This blog is true with its name. Consists lot of poems and other literature pieces.

Nepali Blogger Ratings: Fair

5. Science to Society;

This blog from Basanta Giri with his nick name Nayalahure seems to be a pretty interesting blog made from the amalgamation of science and society issues.

Nepali Blogger Ratings: High

6. Ametya;

Amit Pokhrel Works behind the scenes of this blog to bring out his literature pieces on the page.

Nepali Blogger Ratings: Fair

7. Dalit Media Blog;

Rajendra Bishwakarma brings this blog as a part of the Dalit Media Home, (may be an) nepali organisation. Good example of blog of an organisation.

Nepali Blogger Ratings: Fair

8. Archana;

Professional Web lady, Archana brings out a professional blog as well. Personally, I really enjoy reading her posts, which often are her personal gossips well played with better words. (she didn’t attend the meetup though)

Nepali Blogger Ratings: High

9. Luv Nepal;

Don’t know who is behind the blog, but anyway Luv Nepal brings posts with the theme of loving Nepali Literature.

Nepali Blogger Ratings: High

10. Time – Ajab Gajab;

Nabin K.M is an experienced blogger and really active with some of his blogs. You will enjoy reading his pieces covered on a variety of interesting topics. (He was also one of the lead persons behind the Nepali Blogger meetup.)

Nepali Blogger Ratings: High

11. Saharbata SabdaHaru;

Subin Shrestha, a freelance journalist brings this blog with lot of articles.

Nepali Blogger Ratings: Fair

12. My Own Feelings;

Dhruba Panthi, a graduate student in Mechanical Engineering at Tokyo brings his feelings on his blog posts covering a lot of areas.

Nepali Blogger Ratings: Fair

13. Sapana Sansar;

Bishwa Poudel represented Sapana Sansar, which covers a lot of literature articles and aims to be a community of literature.

Nepali Blogger Ratings: High

14. Nepalese stock Market;

Sanjeev Baral brings a blog focused on a specific niche of Nepali Stock Market. “Your Eye To Nepalese Stock”

Nepali Blogger Ratings: Fair

15. Online Khas khas;

Rajesh has this cool Nepali blog with a lot of articles and gossips.

Nepali Blogger Ratings: High

16. Yatri’s Blog;

Yatri Shekhar‘s blog comes up with a theme of making this world beautiful with his literary gossips.

Nepali Blogger Ratings: Fair

17. On the journey: Kamaladi;

Prajwol with his documentation of random thoughts presents this English Nepali blog.

Nepali Blogger Ratings: High

18. My Thoughts;

Here we go with another cool Nepali blog from Dilip Acharya. It seems really professional and with more readership.

Nepali Blogger Ratings: High

19. Manko Kura;

I actually read some two three posts after visiting this blog from Milan. Really Impressive and Funny!

Nepali Blogger Ratings: High

20. Spiritual Jyoti;

Visit this blog for a unique religious experience from Ganesh prasad bimali. As its name suggest, it’s based on Spirituality.

Nepali Blogger Ratings: High

21. Sadhana Sharma’s Blog;

Sadhana Sharma‘s Personal blog with her own poems and gossips.

Nepali Blogger Ratings: Fair

Disclaimer: The ratings are fairly based on personal opinion of comparison. We all have space to improve and take our Nepali blogging to next level.

As mentioned earlier, visiting these blogs and quoting a few lines about them has provided me with better insight into Nepali blogging. Hope this will help me to come up with a lot of stuffs in future that will help us to improve the Nepali Blogging scenes.

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