Ultimate for an English footballer, EPL or FIFA world cup?

EPL and Fifa World Cup 2010 Superfluous wealth can only buy superfluities. Once again this has been made evident by the English players in their match against Algeria. England regarded favourite to win the world cup have shown slackened start off. The match against Algeria has been a nightmare for thousands of haughty English fans around the world. Hooliganism has been a trait of English fans but beholding this sluggish show it strikes to me that hooliganism is justified. England, loam of soccer has again failed to show a good harvest. Even with plenty manure English football is going to have a poor harvest session. Well, after all over nutrition is still malnutrition.

Soccer, in England has been extravaganza overtime. Myriad wealth has been gushing into soccer field. Football is not merely a show of players but has been enticing the showbiz world either. Beautiful ladies, superfluous wealth, and champagne nothing remains unattained to anEnglish footballer. And backing this all is the myriad passion for football among the English. But when all’s said and done, it is the game that matters. It’s the goals scored that matters. Without goals else is all vanity. Haughty stance, break-up and link-up with WAGs, Mercedes and BMWs, hill-top villas and beach houses and all other accessories don’t help you score goals. These things don’t help a player enrich his skills rather charges with smugness. This has been the vice of English.

Beholding the match against Algeria there have been several cynicism in me. One most eminent is, what’s most revered? To win a cap for the country or sign contract with EPL clubs? With English footballers, it can’t be precisely opted. At rational level, may be the first option is precise for all the players around the world. But with England players, I opt to go with the latter option. This trait of rationality and nationality is little faint in English players.For an English player the ultimate majesty lies in signing contract with EPL clubs. The match against the Algeria is an instance. I could see them failing to summon the hopes of fans of different clubs who have come together for their country. They could be seen not able to come together for the country. They could be seen failing to distinguish between money and pride. Manchester United supporter, Chelsea supporter and Liverpool supporter could share the same bench for national pride but Wayne Rooney, Frank Lampard and Stephen Gerrad could be seen unable to meld their EPL hostility. They seem to see themselves more suited on respective EPL flags than the wholesome union jack.  British lure for affluence and their lethargy has always cost them their pride from long back. Back then, they lost colonies which cost them pride. Even now, this vice is costing pride as well. I just get stirred, thinking, what’s ultimate for an English footballer? EPL or FIFA world cup?

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