Priyanka Karki Interview in the UK's In Focus

One of the most popular Nepali actresses, Priyanka Karki is currently in the UK as an official choreographer and trainer for the upcoming event of Miss UK Nepal 2016.

Despite her busy schedule of training the beauty pageant’s participants, she has managed to participate in several interviews with the Nepali community media here in the UK.

One of the recent interviews that looks interesting is the In Focus interview with Kushal Shrestha.

Priyanka Karki In Focus interview with Kushal Shrestha UK

Priyanka talks about her busy schedule, her work and career, and her dream life that she is currently living.

Watch this almost half an hour long interview to catch up with her further intimate conversation inside the In Focus show.

Priyanka Karki – In Focus Interview

With numerous interviews in the Nepali media following her successful career, some of her views about her work and career might not be anything new in this interview.

Few of her views on the beauty pageant and how she is grooming the contestants for the upcoming Miss UK Nepal, however, can be interesting to hear.

With frequent visits to the Nepali community events here in the UK, It seems Priyanka really loves this place.

No wonder she calls London and all of the UK as her favourite place. “I don’t know, I feel like home when I am here, for some reason” she adds in the interview.

If you are in the UK, come and see her hard work she has put into the Miss UK Nepal pageant this Sunday, 21st August at the Empire Banqueting Hall in Aldershot.

Priyanka is really grateful for the love and support she has been receiving from the Nepali diaspora here in the UK, and that makes her keep coming back to this place.

Here’s one of her photos that I took of her at her last year’s event – Subhakamana Sanjh at Princes Hall in Aldershot.

Priyanka Karki in 2015 at an UK Event

What do you think of her interview?

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