KP Sharma Oli - 38th Prime Minister of Nepal

KP Sharma Oli (KP Oli) has been elected as the 38th prime minister of Nepal. Oli has become the first prime minister after the country has released and adopted a new constitution through Constituent Assembly.

KP oli received 338 of the 587 votes cast in the Legislature-Parliament voting held on Sunday (11th October 2015). His rival candidate Sushil Koirala (Nepali Congress President and former Prime Minister of Nepal) secured only 287 votes.

KP oli New Prime Minister of Nepal

KP Sharma Oli is the leader and chairman of the Communist Party of Nepal – Unified Marxist Leninist (CPN-UML). He was elected as a chairman for the party in July 2014.

Oli is the member of parliament representing Jhapa-6 in a recent constituent assembly election. He has held several key positions in the past including Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for Foreign Affairs, and Home Minister.

Oli has been actively involved in politics since last thirty years. He joined political activities in 1966 and became a member of Communist Party of Nepal in 1970.

Who is KP Oli?

KP Oli Prime Minister

KP Oli is one of the key political figures of the country. He is the current leader of CPN-UML. Here’s his official biography in details.

KP Oli Biography

Name: Khadga Prasad Sharma Oli (KP Sharma Oli)
Date of Birth: 22 February 1952
Birth Place: Terathum
Parents: Mohan Prasad Oli and Madhu Oli.
Marital Status: Married
Nationality: Nepali
Passport No: 1568090
Political Party: CPN (UML)
Education: No formal Education
Languages: Nepali, English and Hindi.
Source of Inspiration: Broadly from Marxism-Leninism

KP Oli Contact Details

Residence Address : Balkot-4, Bhaktapur, Nepal
Tel: 0977-1-6630563
Email: [email protected]

Correspondence Address:

CPN (UML) Central Office, Madannagar, Kathmandu, Nepal
Office: PO Box 5471 Kathmandu, Nepal.
Tel: 0977-1-4278081/82, Fax: 0977-1-4278084
Email: [email protected]

KP Sharma Oli Images Gallery

Here are few of his images from social media profiles.

KP Sharma Oli Videos

Here’re few videos of KP Oli that you might find interesting to watch.

KP Sharma Oli addressing the Constituent Assembly in one of the recent sessions.

Also, see how he responds to people questions in one of the recent episodes of popular TV programme Sajha Sawal.

Congratulations KP Oli!!

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