Twitter now supports Nepali Hashtags!

Twitter has finally rolled out its support for hashtags in few Devanagari scripts including Nepali hashtags . While tweeting in the Nepali script was supported before, it has now made possible to include #hashtags, one of the most popular features of the micro blogging platform. To clarify further, although users could add the ‘#” sign before few characters, they were not indexed and linked by Twitter until now.

Twitter, unsurprisingly is popular with live events and with ongoing World Cup 2015, the platform saw a huge surge in users including hashtags in their native language. Although it’s reported that twitter had actually rolled out support of hashtags in number of languages before the India-Pakistan cricket match, it only became apparent after #जयहिन्द (Jai Hind) started trending on Twitter.

Nepali twitter users also have been tweeting including the Nepali hashtags #नेपाल ! #जयनेपाल in past few days.

Although Twitter hasn’t announced this officially, it’s noticed that hashtags in 11 languages including Nepali hashtags has been supported by the popular social media platform. Here’s a list of hashtag languages supported by the platform now.

  • – Devanagari (Hindi, Nepali, Marathi, Sanskrit)
    – Bengali
    – Gujarati
    – Punjabi
    – Oriya
    – Tamil
    – Telugu
    – Malayalam
    – Kannada
  • Other languages/scripts that can now be hashtagged by Twitter users are:
    – Greek
    – Armenian
    – Georgian
    – Amharic
    – Sinhala
    – Tibetan
    – Burmese
    – Laotian
    – Khmer

What do you think of this? If you use twitter, you can follow me at @pradeepdotco and this blog @nepaliblogger

Look forward tweeting with Nepali hashtags 

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