SLC results: Now and then – From Newspapers to Online portals to SMS

When I say, SLC results: now and then, I don’t mean the change in the statistics of students giving and passing out the SLC or the percent increase in the students securing distinction. What I’m talking about is the revolutionary ways with which, the way of obtaining our SLC results have changed with time.

During its initial years and for many more years, SLC results were published on the one and only government newspapers – Gorkhapatra. Students then had no other alternatives but to flick through all the thousands of symbol numbers neatly printed out in the paper. And for mark-sheets? Mark-sheets were not as important back then; the only thing that mattered was that your symbol number was on that paper and that you have passed (at least initially).

But, with time we all welcome changes; the first change we experienced was the publishing of results in other newspapers as well. And because of this, students did not have to solely rely on Gorkhapatra to find out their results. However, that was not the only change we went through, with the booming technology the way we receive our SLC results has become much more organized, much easier and much more systematic.

One of the most popular way with which we now receive our SLC, is through the SMS service. Probably the easiest way to obtain the results, SMS results service has radically changed the way of result publishing. The results can also be collected from different official websites and through telephone services as well. However, since this might not be feasible for places with no internet connection or telephone series, results through SMS is the best option every student has got.

This year, with the SLC results to be published by today, it has been announced that the results won’t be published in the Newspapers. (Due to short of funds, the Office of the Controller of Examinations (OCE) will not be publishing the results on Newspapers. However, the newspapers can publish them if they make it free of cost.)

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Well, Technology advancement has certainly impacted on everything. You can make best use of the SMS services and get the SLC Result of 2070 in hand in no time. Once the results have been announced, it can be obtained by typing SLC to 5001 or visit slc result page of sparrow sms. And when you do that, you’ll be provided with your result along with your division.

[info]Type SLC<space> <your-Symbol-NO> and send it to 5001 [/info]

The SMS way depicts how far we have come in terms of technology, being transformed all the way from Newspapers to Online portals to the SMS. However the essence of SLC remains the same, and we need to bring some changes regarding that as well. The whole slc-predicts-future notion is in need of some serious change just like the results.

And to all the students out there, waiting for your results; Happy waiting!!

[notice]Click Here to view your SLC Results and Marksheet 2070[/notice]

[info] Download your SLC results 2069 here [/info]

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