Agricultural Entrepreneurs – A must watch Sajha Sawal Episode

This shouldn’t be a first TV program that has brought the stories of home entrepreneurs on limelight but when it comes from a popular show like Sajha Sawal, its eminence and impact on its viewers ought to be significant. No wonder why most of its viewers are already calling the episode to be the best among the series till date. Sajha Sawal in its 279th episode has covered stories of struggle, success and challenges of agro-entrepreneurs around the country.

Sajha Sawal 279 Episode on Facebook

Most of you that follow Sajha Sawal on TV should have watched this already but for few of us that youtube interested programs, here it is for you to watch.

This 45 minutes episode commendably presented by Narayan Shrestha has inspired several youths inside and outside the country, which are evident from its numerous social media reactions. “Most often we talk with people who cultivate thoughts on Sajha Sawal, this time however, we spoke with people that are actually playing with the nature and asked them to share their experiences with us” Narayan Shrestha remarks towards the end of the video in the program.

If you are inspired by watching the video above and want to contact them, here are few of the faces along with their contact details taken from Sajha Sawal facebook page.

Amrit Gurung  Sajha Sawal Episode
Amrit Gurung – 98151-33323
Devi Prasad Timilsina Sajha Sawal Episode
Devi Prasad Timilsina – 98477-14224
Nawaraj Acharya Sajha Sawal Episode
Nawaraj Acharya – 011-690031, 98510-60206
Rajendra Raj Panta Sajha Sawal Episode
Rajendra Raj Panta – 98490-90695
Tika Aryal - 98460-33415 (after 5PM)
Tika Aryal – 98460-33415 (after 5PM)

This episode is nothing less than an inspiring TED talk! I would highly recommend you to watch it.

Do leave your comments below if you too find it inspirational.

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