Thank you for Voting Miss UK Nepal 2012

Thank you everyone for supporting Miss UK Nepal 2012 and recommending them from Nepali Blogger. We ran the recommendations for ten days and recorded the final number till today 12PM GMT. Rosy Oli with highest number of recommendations tops the list. Keep an eye for announcement of title of Miss Photogenic /Public Choice at the finale of the event taking place tomorrow (9th of September) at Samuel Cody Specialist Sports Collage in Farnborough, UK based on these recommendations. Here’s the image that I have created along with the final recommendations listed below them.

Miss UK Nepal 2012 Voting Results

Here’s a poster asking for last call to attend the event tomorrow along with the participants. To those everyone who messaged regarding Rosy Oli recommendations not working properly, I suggest going through my post “Miss UK Nepal 2012 voting is working flawlessly ”  on official Miss UK Nepal blog.

Miss UK Nepal 2012 Finale Voting

Will keep you updated on further details of the beauty pageant. Till then, please visit the Official Miss UK Nepal website from Nepali Blogger.

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