SoonGava – Nepali Movie Screening in the UK

If you had followed my last post on Nepali Chalchitra about Soongava being previewed at US Embassy in Nepal, you should have already got this hint of Soogava being planned to screen in the UK. Now when I have got all the details, let me share this good news to all those looking forward to watch the movie here in the UK. The Movie will be premiered for a small group at Bombay Dreams in Wembley on Sunday 9th September 2012 from 18:30 hrs.

SoonGava Screening in the UK

Soongava – Nepali Movie is being brought and screened in the UK by Vision Sansar ltd. “The movie seating for SoonGava at Bombay dreams is for around 200 people inside the theatre of the restaurant and is expected to sell-out”- says Sanam from Vision Sansar speaking to Nepali Blogger. He adds “While in other parts of Europe, this movie might be screened in bigger theatres, we are bringing here in the UK to smaller communities for quick preview.”

SoonGava is a first of its kind Nepali movie to portray LGBT theme – the rarely talked about scenario in Nepal. The movie is being screened at some film festivals and is appreciated of its bold and unique nature – something new that changing Nepali Movies are bringing out to the audience. Soongava has already been screened at The World Film Festival in Canada and will soon be shown at The International Hamburg FilmFest in Germany and The International Film Festival of Young Directors in France.

SoonGava is written and directed by Subarna Thapa and stars Diya Maskey, Nisha Adhikari, Saugat Malla and Basundhara Bhushal among others.

Do attend the London screening and see what it is all about!

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