Support Shristi Shrestha with her Miss World 2012 Journey

We may not have stopped criticizing Shristi Shrestha for winning Miss Nepal 2012 title but we wholeheartedly accepted it when it came to supporting same Shristi Shrestha representing Nepal for Miss World. Shristi Shrestha is on rife on Facebook past few days supported by thousands of Nepalis all over the world to help grab her title of Miss MultiMedia.

Shristi Shrestha Miss World Jouney Nepali Blogger

Now when the Miss World – most popular beauty pageant is just few days away, Shristi Shrestha needs more of your help. To win Miss Multimedia title, Shristi Shrestha should have the highest number of likes and this is our opportunity to support her and as a whole Nepal to help grab that title. All you have to do is like the page below.

At time of this writing Shristi Shrestha is at second position with 149k likes just behind Thailand with a difference of around 30k likes. If we like and ask our friends to share 30k likes can be achieved within matter of days.

Nepal has yet to see any significant achievement from Miss World beauty pageant but hopefully with more of your support, Shristi Shrestha will be able to walk away with the MultiMedia award this time. Here’s her journey in Images till now!

We have proved in past that we can do it – be it voting Anuradha Koirala or supporting to build a school in Nepal.

It’s now or never – Please like Shristi Shrestha –Miss World Nepal.

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