Nepali Blogger on MaxCDN to serve you faster this year!

New Year is here and we have just one resolution this year and that’s – Speed, to serve you faster.

Well, Many other resolutions as well. But if you wondering our absence for past couple of weeks (Apologies for that!), we were working on behind the framework of the website.

And the good news is that Nepali Blogger will be now served 10x faster than before. 10x? – Yes, that’s what MaxCDN –Content delivery network behind Nepali Blogger promises.

Now I know this subject matter shouldn’t interest most of you.

But importantly Nepali Blogger first started to HELP other blogger and slowly spread into other areas of blogging that came into of interest. So this could be of HELP to blogger using Self Hosted platform for their blogs (Do contact me if I could be of any help with this!).

And also as a blog, I thought it would be important to readers to know what’s going on with us.

Being mostly a one-man-army blog, it is really difficult to manage a lot of stuff going on the blog. I wouldn’t say time, though. If a blogger doesn’t get time for blogging, what should he get time for?

But trust me; managing a self-hosted blog and that too with a fair amount of traffic is really tough. In the past some months towards the end of the year, I worked on changing the hosting service of Nepali Blogger and it took me some weeks to transfer everything from existing host to the new one (that’s another long story).

Even with the new one, I wasn’t much satisfied in terms of loading times of the blog. I started looking for something to provide end-users with high availability and high performance and that’s where I opted for MaxCDN.

MaxCDN works much like other content delivery networks but I found it much easier for WordPress. W3 Total Cache plugin along with the MaxCDN service is something I would like to recommend to bloggers out there. (Do send me a quick email if anyone of you looking for any help like this!)

I hope recent changes help enrich our users’ performance. Do let us know if you have any other suggestions in mind.

What are your New Year resolutions with blogs?

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