Nisha Adhikari and Sahana Bajracharya Clash with Media Reporter

Nepali Celebrities – Nisha Adhikari and Sahana Bajracharya’s tussle with a Media reporter in a public program has urged a raging controversy. Images and videos from an event in what Nisha Adhikari and Sahana Bajracharya seem to brawl with a News reporter has trending discussions on rights and wrongs.

In an event organized to celebrate Nepali movie Loot’s 51 days success, Nisha Adhikari is seen clashing with journalist Anup Bhattarai as he tries to take images of her. Supporting Nisha is another celebrity and media personality herself Sahana Bajracharya who is seen to snatch the camera from Anup’s hand. If someone were to make decisions based on what is seen in the video above, Sahana and Nisha fall on the wrong side.

Nisha Adhikari Clash with Media ReporterBut then there are several versions of this story. Most of what is seen on the web is mostly predicted on basis of the video. has series of articles condemning the act and also has a self explanatory article from Anup Bhattarai on what happened during the event. News Portals like Nagarik News and Online Khabar have written about the incident blaming Nisha Adhikari’s act. However, series of comments elsewhere also support Nisha Adhikari as a female actress being able to stand up against something that she suspected was wrong. Sahana Bajracharya has also come up with allegations of video being falsely edited and interpreted to show bias.

With an intense pressure from other journalists at the event, Nisha Adhikari admitted it was her mistake and apologized to Anup Bhattarai. When asked over by Anup that her friend Sahana should also apologize, she however accused Anup again of touching her inappropriately.

This is not first time any celebrity has done such bad acts against reporters in Nepal. There was news of Reka Thapa shouting on journalists in a press conference of a Bhuwan KC’s latest movie recently.

Celebrities should understand media persons are equally important and most of their image depends on how their work is carried to public via those media people. They should rather learn using them properly for their own benefits. Stunts like this of Nisha Adhikari in public places won’t do any help and would rather act against her image. After all it’s same reporters that are going to carry her negative impressions in press.

Finally, here’s the description of what happened at the event from Anup Bhattarai himself and also do read here explanatory note from Sahana Bajracharya on the incident. Apart from apologizing at the event itself nothing is heard from Nisha Adhikari till now anywhere.

Rights and Wrongs? You decide! Lets us know in the comments below.

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