Nepal lost 0 - 1 against Maldives in AFC Challenge Cup

Nepal started disappointedly in its first opening match of AFC Challenge Cup losing 0-2 to Palestine. The disappointment continued in its second match as Nepal lost 0-1 to Maldives. With this Nepal hopes of progression to semi-finals have come to an end. However excited Nepal may be with the hosting of biggest ever football match in Nepal, Nepali team lead everyone down with frustrating scores.

Nepal vs Maldives AFC Challenge Cup 0-1
Nepal 0 -1 Maldives Final Socre - Image remixed from onlinekhabar

Having watched Nepal vs. Maldives live, like everyone I do believe Nepal performed really well but none of it tireless efforts converted to a magical goal. I agree with Sepp Blatter comments on Nepali Team having watched the total 90 minutes match of Nepal’s first Match in AFC challenge Cup – “Nepal lacks that Messi for goals in its team”.

Undoubtedly Nepali team played well and had a great possession in the match but a goal at 50’ minutes from Hockey Rasheed of Maldives took the game on their side. They had finished first half with goalless draw. Two Changes in comparison to the previous match were made by Nepali coach Graham Roberts in the game today. Bhola Silwal was seen playing in place of Nirajan Khadka and Goalkeeper Kiran Kumar Chemjong was replaced by Rithesh Thapa.

Nepal had it hopes high in today’s game with Maldives. Last time Nepal met with Maldives was four months ago in India during SAFF championship and it performed well scoring a mutual score of 1-1. In overall records Nepal had lost four, won three and played draw in four matches since 1984. Statistically, Nepal wasn’t in that difficult position to win the game today!

Some Comments from Istavan Urbanyi – Maldives Team Coach after the victory against Nepal:

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  •   “I don’t think we were un lucky. We scored the goal and we won the match. We started badly but we recovered well”.
  • “I don’t want to mention luck and bad luck in Football, we did well and we were the best side today.
  • “I have seen great improvement in Nepalese football team. I wish luck to them and the Nepalese football supporters”.


Comment from Nepal’s Coach – Graham Roberts

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  •  “Don’t ask me. Ask to the players” on what went wrong today!


Call it luck or lack of effort from Nepali team – It was a sad loss!! Let’s hear what you have to say in comments below.

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