Kolaveri Di - Nepali Version by Bollywood’s Udita Goswami

Why This Kolaveri Di became an internet sensation for receiving millions of views on youtube, being shared millions of times on facebook and topping the Indian trend on twitter with hashtag #kolaveri. The music video which went viral on social networking sites got so many views in limited time that it was honoured with Recently Most Popular Gold Medal Award by Youtube. The song was actually so popular that it was adopted into several other language versions. Nepali version of the song itself is fascinating but more interesting is that it comes from a hot Bollywood actress – Udita Goswami. Here’s the Music Video for you to watch.

Along with the help of music composers Meet Brothers and director Rajesh Ranshinge, Udita brings out the Nepali Version of Kolaveri Di. Also sharing the vocals in the video is director Rajesh Ranshinge’s son – Anirrudh.

Udita Goswami, a model turned actress has acted in several Bollywood movies and is mostly popular for her sexy appearances in Movies like Paap and Zeher. Singing happens to be her passion and in fact a dream job. Nepali Version of Kolaveri Di is her first venture into singing.

Udita Goswami Nepali Kolaveri Di

But why she decided to do it in Nepali? According to Times of India, Nepali wordings in the song will add some “dum” to what she calls Kolaveri Di as refreshing and inspirational for original song. And all she did was for fun?? Interesting! Like your sense of Fun Udita!!
It’s not first time that Kolaveri Di came into Nepali Version. Few of them had tried earlier with the Nepali Bandh theme (bit popular) and other plain translations.

How do you find this song? What’s your view on a Bollywood lady singing it? Let us know in the comments below.

P.S. As discovered on the Wikipedia page of the song, “Why This Kolaveri?” means “Why do you have this murderous rage against me?” The question, however, is not intended seriously in the song.

Image via Youtube Video.

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