Heart Beats for you - Short Movie

Milan Pokhrel

UK was a dreamland to me and the opportunity to be here as a student was really exciting. In fact, my prejudice of the UK was heavenly and I still believed London to be the same land of British Empire where sun never sets.

Hardly had I known everything would change for me when I get into here. Everything was so new to me that I had to start it from scratch. Living and Education in the UK are the toughest part for any newcomers here and was no exception for me. After having spent some years going through all that, I felt like sharing it through a short movie here’s the story with “My heart beats for you”.

My Screenplay for the video above is based on the same theme of student’s suffering in foreign countries. To put it simply, it’s a story of a student abroad who misses everything back of home country and I am sure a lot of students would relate this story to their own. One’s pain, sufferings and most specifically heart beats are captured silently in the above video.

Here’s a detailed info on the Movie:

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  • About: Every breathe I take, Every steps I make, Every Moments I miss u; This pain is high, There’s nothing right, always my Heart Beats For you.
  • Release Date: Feb 2012
  • Genre: (Drama) Short Movie
  • Studio: Lamis
  • Starring: Ranjeet Dahal, ft. Sameer & Roshan pradhan
  • Directed By: Milan Pokhrel



Milan Pokhrel Nepali BloggerThis post is written by Milan Pokhrel and describes about his debut short movie “Heart Beats for you”. You could be in touch with him and the movie on this facebook page.


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