Lex in Nepal with Namrata Shrestha

How many of us staying overseas really think of back home (Nepal)? Very few of us, I guess.

Very few of us, I guess.

I always say this – the UK has a vibrant Nepali community, one of the best Nepali diasporas in the world. But unfortunately, I find very few people who are willing to do something back for the country. The condition is worse among youths, especially those grown and brought up here.

Anyway keeping the pessimistic side aside, it’s good to know that the number of youths trying to do something back to the country is gradually increasing as more youths are influenced and made aware of the country’s situation.

Lex Limbu, is among very few of those who want to give back to the country in ways he can, and his efforts have been truly praiseworthy. Lex in Nepal – which is much talked later in this post is one such efforts of Lex that tries to bring Nepal to an outwardly bigger Nepali audiences and perhaps, which might inspire many to visit back the country and some to actually do a bit about the situation.

So if you happen to be a web geek and follow Nepali Blogosphere, then you should have definitely heard of Lex Limbu. He is a YouTuber and blogger who is too comfortable with his relationship with the world wide web. And for us viewers, that is even more exciting as he has returned from his recent Nepal trip with a set of six videos that will be uploaded every Sunday from today!

In all its entirety here is Ek Chin with Namrata Shrestha, an interview with one of Nepal’s most talked about actress, not only because of her controversy but because she has the act in an actress!

When Lex was asked about why he chose Namrata to be interviewed by him in the series; his answer was simple as ‘I am a fan of her work and there have been far too many Nepalis with potential just dropping like flies and I want Namrata to constantly stay in the spotlight’.

I absolutely agree with that. She surely is a talent with lots of potential in the Nepali movie industry. Enjoy the interview above that has been filmed in the picturesque Bhaktapur Durbar Square. Lex surely brought the best of Nepal back to us!

Do keep an eye on his channel for a very short video among the series – Mero koseli which for me was the outstanding among all. (Lex did a private screening of his short videos documentaries amidst a small group of socially active youths in London, last Saturday.)

As a leading youth of Nepali community here in Britain, Lex keeps looking forward to opportunities for giving back to the community.

Be it simply by promoting the country with his blogs or by leading it by organising events such as Nepal Unites UK and Live for change, he has managed to spread the spirit of Nepal in the diaspora.

Do let us know how do you find his interview with Namrata Shrestha? You could leave a comment below this post or below the video on Youtube.

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