PM Baburam Bhattarai's Dashain – Visiting Pashupati Briddashram and Maiti Ghar!

Previously, Prime Minister of the country used to be in the featured stories of offering Tika to near and dear ones on auspicious Dashain. But this time with Baburam Bhattarai, it was all different. He was in news stories for visiting Briddashram (old age home) and celebrating Dashain at Maiti Nepal.

Lucky are those old people at those homes in Pashupati that they had the Prime Minister of the country talking to them on the Tika day. And lucky are those women who got to share their sufferings with Prime Minister and his wife Hisila Yami on the auspicious day of Dashain.

The Prime Minister also enjoyed the swing at Anuradha Koirala‘s  Maiti Ghar.

Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai, accompanied by his wife Hisila Yami distributed sweaters and Horlicks to 229 old people living at the Pashupati Briddashram. They also distributed fruits at Maiti Ghar.

Bhattarai, in addition to his visit, directed to improve the condition of the old age homes and promised concrete policies for ending girls trafficking in the country!

While everyone was in rush of making it on time for the Dashain Tika, PM’s this step of visiting the needy ones is appreciable.

Nepalis all over the world observed the biggest festival Vijaya Dashami, the tenth day of the Dashain festival by receiving and putting on Tika this Thursday.

How was your Dashain? What do you think of our Prime Minister’s Dashain – Another publicity stunt, or something that touched you seriously? Let us know in the comments below.

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