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Nepali cinephiles will get to explore something exciting this November in Kathmandu. Documentary Open Skool (Docskool), a networking platform for amateur and aspiring filmmakers working to promote cinema is organizing a South Asia-focused international film network promotion platform. Entitled ‘Nepal Cine Symposium”, the multi-approached film and arts event will take place from 19th to 22nd of November in KATHMANDU.

Nepal Cine Symposium

Nepal Cine Symposium is a film and art event that aims to promote and communicate in those aspects of cinema that are not facilitated by film festivals or by regular aspects of commercial filmmaking. The event will be an annual fair, first of which will be held this year in Kathmandu. With the initiation of the symposium in 2011, Nepal plans an annual event, which will become a larger part of the global film culture – of its makers and the audience- for the promotion of young South Asian cinema including Nepal. The four-day gala in Kathmandu will include workshops, art events, and master classes including a film festival, a special film exhibition segment created to screen regional cinema.

If you are one of the Nepali filmmakers, then “Something like a Film Festival” should be the most important part of the cine symposium for you to attend and showcase your work.

[typography font=”Mountains of Christmas” size=”30″ size_format=”px” color=”#0c7fcc”]Something like a Film Festival![/typography]

Something like a Film Festival is a lead event taking place at the Nepal Cine Symposium which will include screening of films submitted by filmmakers from the South Asian region.

Something like a film Festival

The organizers are inviting applications from filmmakers to submit films into this category of the event, which will be the main film exhibition space of the symposium. The latest deadline to submit your work is 30th august 2011.

Here are the categories for the festival: (*Click on the respective tabs for more information!)

[tabs style=”vertical”] [tab title=”1. World Back 2“]Phenomenal cinematic works made in the past two years, which have dazzled, electrified, entertained and questioned the world with their cinematic abilities will be screened through specific permission and collaboration from such productions. Only feature length fiction films will be screened within this category. Screend films will not refrain to any borders. (There is no film submission to this category)[/tab]

[tab title=”2. Everest to Mali“]The category will include works of fiction from the South Asian region that have proved the world wrong and stood out in pointing not at our limitations but of possibilities and the constant evolution that makes us one of the strongest yet diverse region’s in the world.
Fictional Feature films, with a minimum runtime of 70 minutes and are made exclusively by South Asian filmmakers within the South Asian region are only accepted.
The symposium is open to offers from south asian filmmakers who wish to launch their film from the Nepal Cine Symposium 2011. Selected offers will be provided with an all paid support for their premiere.[/tab]

[tab title=”3. Cine Queer“]Queer cinema from the world that have often stood at the benchmark of raising some of the most interesting questions on social authority, the need for change and the quest of the filmmaker to discover more shall be featured in this section. Fiction and Non Fiction with a minimum runtime of 15 minutes from all over the world will be entertained into this category. Submission shall not be rated within this or any other categories of the film festival.
‘An achievement award will be awarded to one film from this category’[/tab]

[tab title=”4. Celebration of the Shorts“]Short films/ animated films from anywhere with a run time of 7 -25 minutes can be submitted to this section. Both student as well as professional short films will be screened together and there shall be no classification. Video arts donot fall within this category. The category aims to promote short films with a promosing feature length possibility, but shall not become decisive selection mandate.
‘Audience choice award will be provided to two (2) films from this category’[/tab]

[tab title=”5. Starry Eyed Surprize“]This category has been specially designed to showcase amateur as well as professional short films and film experiments that donot comply within qualifying status to any categories of the regular festival but deserve a screening. Short Films within 10 minutes length, music videos, video arts and interactive multimedia works are accepted into this category and will be featured in a special program where all screenings will be held as open air projections at night time.
Films that have been circulated online are also accepted. Submissions for this segment shall stay open also within days of the symposium. Only minimalistic judging will be done for works submitted for this category.’One film from this category will be awarded with the ‘ You can Make cinema’ trophy based on viewership liking'[/tab] [/tabs]

Read Submission Guidelines | Download Application Form

Make sure you check out the Short FAQ’s if you are interested in submiting one of your films.

Other parts of the event include;


Nepali filmmakers of 30 years and less pitch with a short film to a jury of SFF to get selected to make your first feature length production. Participation is also open for individuals willing to attend a simultaneously held lecture on pitch procedures and market prospects for Asian productions

3. Workshop/Seminars/Master Classes

A global network of filmmakers is of chief focus for the symposium, where not only will filmmakers from Nepal and the south Asian region converge to chat and seek solutions to their issues- the symposium will organise a series of Masterclass Talks from internationally phenomenal filmmakers. Workshops inclining to various art forms will being organised, with a principal workshop on documentary structures implemented by Docskool.


Refers to a series of art and film events that can be designed by individuals and organisations willing to execute their own events.

To sum up, here’s the event information in brief.

[box type=”info” style=”rounded”]Event Information:[/box]

Submissions Open Nepal Cine Syposium[highlight]Nepal Cine Symposium[/highlight]

Date: 2011-11-19
Event time: 8:30:00
Event Location: 3 Locations Across Kathmandu…
Event Helpline: +977-01-4471104

I hope you attend the event and make most of it. Also, don’t forget to submit your movie to “something like a film festival” before the dateline.

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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