Bhusan Dahal’s Hamro Team – New Nepali TV Serial

To put it simply, Hamro Team is “a Bhusan Dahal film”. I don’t see any need to explain the quality of Bhusan Dahal Movies now. From his TV shows to Music Videos to Movies, You should have lost your heart somewhere in his works. I always look forward for his works and have been really impressed by his past works including Kagbeni (Nepali Movie) and Fireside (TV-episodes). Here comes one more cinematic addition in works of Bhusan Dahal; “Hamro Team”.

Hamro Team TV serial

Hamro Team is a 25-minutes television series, 13-episodes in total that uses football as a medium to connect with the youth and communicate on peace building and conflict resolution in the country. A realistic script from filmmakers and writers such as Deepak Rauniyar, Abinash B. Shah, Abhimanyu Nirabi and Abinashi Poudel, the TV episode has got freshness from a brilliant direction from Bhusan Dahal. Also adding to the inspirational effects of the series are Strong vocals of Nima Rumba and Astha B. The series stars Reecha Sharma as protagonist Seema and other 13 episodes star seasoned actors as well as new faces.

Synopsis of the TV Series

Hamro Team, the story revolves around three main characters: Seema, Sanket, and Resham. Seema is a star football player in a girls’ national team who also coaches high school students. Her family wants her to relocate to the US because they believe that “girls don’t have any future in sports in Nepal.” However, Seema refuses to immigrate and instead pursues her dream by coaching a boys’ team. She is joined in this effort by Sanket, who has returned from the US with the belief that he can contribute to his country. The two of them discover Resham, a young man who has run away from an armed gang in order to play football. He eventually becomes the captain of the team.

Watch the Trailer of the series:

Hamro Team is part of a multi-country television episodic drama produced by Search for a Common Ground (SFCG) and Common Ground Productions. After being implemented successfully in many nations such as Kenya, Cote d’Ivoire, Morocco, Ethiopia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Liberia, Palestine, Sierra Leone, Angola, Burundi, Guinea, Indonesia, Pakistan and Zimbabwe, The Team is now being implemented in Nepal as Hamro Team, in the hope that after watching this show, people will at last learn to put away personal differences, and work as a team for a common goal.

Hamro Team comes to your Kantipur Television every Thursday at 9 PM with repeat telecasts on Fridays at 9 AM and Saturdays at 4 PM. Here are the episodes that are already being broadcasted.

Hamro Team – Episode 1 Part I

Hamro Team – Episode 1 Part II

Hamro Team Episode -2 Part 1

Hamro Team Episode -2 Part 2

Everyone loves the Football if not the tele-serial. The Series makes use of TV’s appeal and the game popularity to make an impact on the society. I am already in love with the trailer and Music Video. Let us know what you think!

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