Nepal Unites - London (Event Details)

Event Details:

Time: Friday, May 27 · 12:00pm – 2:00pm
Location: Embassy of nepal, 12A Kensington Palace Gardens, London, W8 4QU, United Kingdom
Event Schedule: Download Schedule in PDF here!
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Aren’t we tired of complaining now? It’s time we start acting now; acting for constitution, acting for peace and acting for the country! So, here’s our start “London Stands up for Nepal”; a global Facebook movement through what we call it “Nepal Unites  ̶  London”.

Nepal Unites London Promo

Nepal Unites   ̶  London is organizing a movement here in London which will have a gathering in front of Emabssy of Nepal in London to show the global concern and strength of youth including all Nepalis concerned in building a better and prosperous Nepal.

Our Immediate concern, however, will be on pressurizing the government for a timely constitution. Yes, we are late (but of course you know that – “it’s never late to start a good thing”); Our Unity, strength will depict a global concern and will act as a stimulus for change in the country – betterment for us and our country people. We also expect this will energize other youths abroad to go for similar programs.

Nepal Unites comes from a group of concerned and energetic youths to act for a change. The country is in a desperate need of political stability and statute-drafting not only remains as one of the crucial steps but also a timely challenge. Parties involved in their never-ending wrangle seem to have forgotten their main responsibility and its time we make them aware of what they are there for!

Empowering the youth is a vital mission for change in Nepal. We believe that, when empowered, youths will develop sense of humanity, patriotism and rationality that is needed for the enhancement and well-functioning of the society. We strictly focus in persuasion not compulsion.

Why are we doing it?

– Because we are sceptic of the false hopes generated by politicians. The event comes from a group of Nepali’s in London who are at unease with the lack of progress from the Nepal Government, doing this will collectively bring people who are fed up, who want to do something as well as showing fellow countrymen back home that Nepali’s abroad too share their sentiments. Hopefully this will put pressure on the Government Internationally too.

What we aim to do on the day?

– The program will be as simple as gathering and displaying placards along with banners. Also, we want to submit an acknowledgement letter (ज्ञापन पत्र) to the Speaker of Constituent Assembly in Nepal through Embassy of Nepal in London. The acknowledgement letter will mainly include our important demands relating to timely constitution, political stability and peaceful environment in the country. (And rest of the things we will discover along the way!) Full Event plan will be made available on our website and facebook page.

Where should one come/timing?

– In front of Embassy of Nepal in London. No Nepali Timing. 12PM SHARP Please!

What should one bring?

– It would be of help if you could come with your own placards, banners, balloons etc.. being in T-shirt that supports the protest.

Why is this so important?

For awareness! And to demand accountability of our senior politicians who must prioritize and meet people’s aspirations – peace, democracy, development, and economic growth.

Let’s do this. We can!

Here’s the Press Release for the Event, Nepal Unites – London (Press Release).

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