Rekha Thapa's Holi with Nepali Artists

Wondering what Rekha Thapa has in for you this Holi? I am sure you shouldn’t have forgotten this actor’s last holi organised by her husband, Chabi Ojha in their own office. Well, this time she wasn’t with Chabi Ojha celebrating Holi! (Oh keep her divorce gossips to yourself). Rekha Thapa, top actor of Nepal (that’s what makes sense to cover her gossip and this image post here in Nepali Blogger), was spotted playing holi with other Nepali artists this time in Kathmandu.

Rekha Thapa Playing Holi 2011 7

The house event organised by another Nepali actress Karishma Manandhar had presence of several other popular artists from the industry.
Here’s the Gallery of the images of Rekha Thapa along with other artists celebrating this holi (2011)!

You can also view pictures of Rekha Thapa celebrating Holi last year!

Images source: DC Nepal

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