Adsense Western Union Payment works for Nepal now!

Google Adsense, the money making machine for most of our blogs really disappointed us last year with its email of disabling the western union payment for Nepal. Now without any notification from Adsense, the payment mode seems to be perfectly working. I am not sure when it started working though. With a recent comment on my last post of disabled adsense western union payment, Anup Pokharel suggests that the option has been activated again. Thank you Anup!

“Good news for us all….it has been activated again (just it didn’t sent email saying it is activated). You can now change the payment method in your adsense. I just found it today (after ordering check )”

So if you are struggling with the check payment (taking long) or with expensive courier service (although really fast), its time you change your payment settings and enable the Western Union Payment mode again.

To enable Just go to your Account Settings tab from your home and Under Payment Settings sub heading choose “Western Union Quick Cash” by editing if it is to something else (see the screenshot below!).

Google Adsense payment

Other modes of payment of Google Adsense include Payment by check and Payment by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). The later one doesn’t work for Nepal as none of the Banks are associated with it and the former one takes a longer time. Payment by check is the easiest way of receiving payment for most of the countries but there are couple of problems with it in Nepal. First, it takes a long time (nearly about a month) to reach to your post box or home address. And after you have received the check, banks nearly take a month or even longer to process the check and make the money available in your account. So it will be around three months to have the money in your account. Another option with payment by check is you can order with a faster and secure courier service but you need to be willing to pay 25 dollars extra for the service. And unless you don’t make a lot of money, I don’t see its worth paying that!

Google Adsense and Nepali Blogger

To sum up, Payment by Western Union Quick Cash is the best option to receive Google Adsense payments. You can collect your payment the next day from any Western Union outlets in Nepal. Annapurna Travel & Tours Pvt. Ltd located in Durbarmarg, Kathmandu is the main outlet of Western Union in Nepal. If you happen to be out of Kathmandu, you can choose among 194 Sub representatives listed here of the company to receive your payment.

And now that it has been activated, you can make a good use of it. We would love to hear from you or help with anything related. Just let us know by leaving a comment below.

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