Bryan Adams' Concert of Nepal with Foolproof Security

While Bryan Adams concert scheduled for today in Delhi has been cancelled on grounds of security measures, all eyes are now on the Nepal’s Concert of the singer. Concert attendees in Nepal are also being scared with stampede and security threats ahead of the concert going to happen on 19th of February. Meanwhile,organizers along with the representatives from the Nepal Police organized a press met today to assure everyone that the concert will go smoothly and with full security measures.

Bryan Adams Security in Nepal

Rumours are that there would be some protests by Nepal Sports Council but the organizers have assured that the protests won’t harm the concert in anyway. Several other additional measures taken for security were revealed in the press met. Security measures highlights of the concert include:

  • Security check at the gates will be tight. On concert day, four closely monitored main gates of the stadium will open, which will lead to other 13 gates. Two of those gates will lead to Platinum and Gold seating while 11 other gates will lead to the Silver area.
  • They will be closely monitoring the crowd with their surveillance cameras spread across the stadium.
  • Consumption of alcoholic beverages is completely prohibited, and outside beverages aren’t allowed either.
  • Backpacks and professional cameras will not be allowed. Attendees can carry their mobile phones, and food, water and other necessities will be available at the stadium itself.
  • The venue will be equipped with metal detectors, bomb disposal squad, ambulance, fire brigade and riot control vehicles. A number of police officers will also be deployed in civil dress for closer monitoring.
  • Bryan Adams will have his own security personnel and Nepal Police will be aiding the entourage in case of any possible mob attacks.

The Organizers also revealed that the Nepal Police will be closely working together with the 500 security personnel from Guard Security and 200 local volunteers. A crowd of 20,000 to 25,000 is expected at the venue, and the organizers believe that the security measures should suffice.

The much-awaited concert in Delhi of Bryan Adams was cancelled as Delhi police was not satisfied with the arrangements and did not give a green light for the show. KyaZoonga, the official ticketing partner of the event said that the said “the concert will be rescheduled and the details of the new venue, date and time will be available later on Tuesday evening.”

We hope Nepal Concert of Bryan Adams will not face anything like that as the Metropolitan Police has already given a green signal and also the Bryan Adams concert management team have already approved the security design. Yeah Bryan Adams in coming to Nepal!

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