US Embassy, Nepal Warns of DV lottery Fraud

Diversity Visa Lottery shouldn’t be anything new to our Nepali Community where virtually everyone has once applied for it. Everybody is lured by the American dreams and Diversity Visa (DV) serves as an easy medium to reach the land of opportunities. DV has become a viral topic and so are the fraudulent and illegitimate stuffs growing with it. One latest and crucial among them is the Email spam.

Diversity Visa Lottery Nepal

In a recent press release, US Embassy in Nepal warns over fraud e-mails to Nepali citizens that claim to be sent on behalf of the U.S. Department of State or Bureau of Consular Affairs. While many other blogs seem to cover this fraud email topic time and again, US embassy itself coming up with a press release to address this topic is really appreciated. The embassy also suggests sending any fraud e-mails to Consular Section’s Fraud Prevention Unit at [email protected].

The embassy’s press release highlights two important parts to identify any fraud emails you will receive regarding DV lottery. First important one is, “Diversity Visa notifications are NOT sent via e-mail. Any e-mails that state you have won the lottery or a green card are not legitimate.” Second one is that official U.S. correspondence emails only include ones that you receive with .gov domain extended e-mail address. “If you receive any e-mail from an address that is from a “.com”, “.net”, “.org,” or anything other than “.gov,” please be aware that it is not a legitimate e-mail from the U.S. Embassy or the Department of State.” The Embassy also suggests DV applicants to check the status of their online application at for the 2012 season after May 1.

Have you had any experiences with fraud e-mails regarding DV lottery? Let us know in the comments below.

Image and News Via : US Embassy Nepal.

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