Jhalanath Khanal Slapped in Public

This small incident (as Jhalnath Khanal thinks and Opines in an interview subsequently) of Jhalnath Khanal being slapped in public should remind most of us the big incident of shoes hurled on President Bush by Al-Zaidi some years ago. Al-Zaidi’s shoeing inspired many similar incidents of political protest around the world and I believe this should be the one in Nepali politics. The aftermath of the Bush incident created a huge controversy and the Nepali media came in support of Al-Zaidi then. Now it will be interesting to see how Nepali media will take this news (take note of newspaper news and editorials published today). Most bloggers and the public interactions on social media are already in support of Devi Prasad though.

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Devi Prasad Regmee, a former CPN-UML cadre slapped party Chairman Jhalanath Khanal (now elected Prime minister of Nepal) at a function today in Itahari. Jhalnath Khanal broke into blush and his spectacles fell along with the slap. “I couldn´t tolerate the party leaders ruining the country and slapped Khanal to express my anger” Devi Prasad justified; speaking to the media after being in police custody immediately.

Devi Prasad Regmee

What courage! Devi Prasad who hails from Bharaul-1 of Sunsari district slapped Khanal while he was on the stage surrounded by hundreds of UML cadres and security personnel. “I decided to slap Khanal as the politicians are ruining the country” Devi Prasad told reporters after being arrested.. He added “political party leaders have ruined the country, not forming the government, writing the constitution or taking the peace process to a positive conclusion. I was angry with the party honchos. And I took the chance to vent my wrath.

Update: Devi Prasad has been remanded to 15 days of judicial custody after UML Sunsari District secretary Govind Karki filed a complaint against him in the police office. He has been charged with public offence.

Jhalnath Khanal including all our leaders is worth more than a slap! He truly deserves it. Saying that I am not spurring anyone to try this to some other leaders, obviously it’s not ethical but the point is that if politicians don’t understand the meaning of this slap on time, and they can easily foresee what’s going to happen with them next. Importantly, it was daring Devi Prasad to take this step but he represented all Nepalese that are really frustrated with these politicians and it’s not that only Jhalnath Khanal was slapped, the slap is for all those politicians that have ruined the country.

@nepaliblogger : Our politicians are worth more than a slap! Lets embarrass them when they are infront of us (public). Enough of respect now, khanal including every others on the public heads should learn a lesson. We want a better Nepal! #jhalluslap

Fine, Regmee is ready to face any action per law. Our politicians are so smart that they have already formed a committee to investigate all these and they will charge Regmi for the incident for sure but who will act for those who have ruined the country? Doesn’t that need a serious investigation committee from the government? Shouldn’t politicians like Jhalnath Khanal be accused of where they have leaded the country? Wakeup Jhalnath! There’s still time; don’t urge many others to follow Deviprasad’s slapping (Al-Zaidi’s shoeing!).

*Jhalanath Khanal is recently elected Prime Minister of Nepal.

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