Blogging from Mountains of Nepal!

While the title may seem totally imaginary, it’s in fact totally possible. You can actually blog from Mountains of Nepal, all thanks to Dell. Oh did I mention Dell? It’s actually Ncell, who created a huge buzz some months ago when they actually took their high-speed internet to the highest mountains of Nepal.

So what’s Dell doing here? well, you need your ultraportable personal machine to make this fantasy possible. Don’t you? It can also be your recently holiday gifted iPad or your year-long favourite Mac but the reason I introduce Dell here is that of the tagline it had in one of its posters of latest London Bloggers Meetup.

“From the jungles of Peru to the mountains of Nepal, I never miss a deadline”

Pradeep Kumar Singh, Nepali BloggerYou can argue for reasons Nepal is enunciated here, but the one I go for is being a technologically backward country (or just being known for mountains in world, highest peak being there). What an irony, I come from the same country and am attending the most crucial meetup Dell thinks for its upcoming Community feature it’s going to launch in Europe. So instead of me blogging from Mountains of Nepal, I am writing this from the City of London. (I wish to write blogs from Mountains someday).

Going back to the meetup, Dell was the proud sponsor this time and it was good to hear Kerry Bridge, Digital Media Communications manager at Dell talk about how Dell is using blogging and social media to help its business communities gain an advantage. Not enough of blogging though; she just wanted to introduce Dell’s Community. After all, this is what Sponsors do, they plainly want to create a buzz for their product. And who would have been the most efficient group other than bloggers to focus on?

Talking other things about the London Bloggers meetup would take me out of the context of this blog for sure. But I thought it would be useful to go for a post here especially in order to inspire and plead Nepali Bloggers for the meetup and move with the community. While Nepali Bloggers Meetup trend has already started, it has still to get a proper schedule and involvement. Meetup has a lot of advantages and the community spirit will for sure inspire us to be better bloggers.

For me, it’s really interesting to go to meetups and meet new bloggers. Trust me, each one of the participants has their unique story to share about blogging. Enjoyed the meetup as usual! Thank you, Andy, for organizing another great blogger’s Meetup. Also, special thanks to Dell for sponsoring the Meetup and not just for its tagline!

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