Nepali Movie Ke Yo Maya ho – First Look

Nepali Movies always excite me. I am very ecstatic to discover new movies and know more about them. Thought of giving a buzz to this one as well! A recent movie, still in production recently fascinated me because of its core content. But indifferent enough, it’s still a love story. So the content it’s actually coming up for is, Young Lives in the city and Living together before Marriage. Along with actors Aryan Sigdel, Saugat Malla, Sushma Karki and Arunima Lamsal; director Sudarshan Thapa, the one who was behind “Mero Euta Saathi chha” is now upcoming with another movie, “Ke Yo Maya ho”.

The name should already sound familiar to you if you haven’t forgotten the song Ke Yo maya ho from Mero Euta Saathi cha. Moving on to the content, it’s actually a love story among friends illustrated in urban areas of Nepal. The movie goes around the lives of youngsters who have actually entered the cities for Studies or work. The director wants to focus on the recently growing trend of these single youngsters living together before marriage. (I am not sure if this is really a growing trend in a society like ours). Well, we will go inside the movie in some other posts, but here’s some production stills of the movie to go for.

Ke Yo Maya Ho 3

Ke Yo Maya Ho 1

Ke Yo Maya Ho 2

Ke Yo Maya Ho 4

Ke Yo Maya Ho 5

Oh how could I forget Sudarshan’s thapa previous movie, Mero Euta Saathi chha? The worst Nepali movie I had ever seen, it’s a plain Nepali version of the Millionaire’s First Love. Being optimistic, I hope Sudarshan Thapa has found something original to show us in this movie. Or let’s see if he is trying his hands on some other languages (Hindi) movies after his failure of translating Korean movie.

One problem that I find with many of our Nepali Movies is they are really bad with bringing the existing problems on screen. And worse even, when they don’t have any solutions in the movie itself. What I believe is, when these movies brings out those problems on screen and fail to find solution, they rather fuel the problem. I am worried this movie, which points out at the trend of youngsters living together before marriage will actually end up promoting that culture.

Update: For Latest released pics from the movie visit some images from Nepali Movies Group of Nepali Blogger Community.

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