Hearty Condolences to Gopal Bhutani

Fan of our latest movies? There’s sad news for all of us. Gopal Bhutani who has worked in Nepali Movie industry for more than five decades in various roles and most prominently as a fight director passed away this morning. We at Nepali Blogger extend our hearty condolences to Gopal Bhutani.

Gopal Bhutani
Gopal Bhutani died this morning (Tuesday morning) while undergoing treatment for Cancer in Jana Maitri Hospital in Kathmandu. Well wishers and several movie artists paid last tribute to Gopal Bhutani in the hospital this morning.

Gopal Bhutani who wanted Nepali citizenship throughout his life had to bid farewell without obtaining one. According to some sources our government is planning to provide him with Nepalese citizenship now, after his death. Shame on our government, it simply couldn’t recognize Gopal Bhutani’s contribution to the country in time. I am not being pessimistic but our government hardly recognizes the talents and merely does anything in favour of these people to respect them or simply honour them for what they have given back to the country.

Watch the video below of Gopal Bhutani while he was at hospital from FlimyKhabar.

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