First Nepali Bloggers Meetup in Kathmandu

All the independent bloggers of Nepal were assembled to meet each other, share opinions and discuss further plans in November 4, 2010 at Capital FM, Thapagaun, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Several Nepali online Blogger meet ups were organised before but this exclusive met up took place nearly after about 3 years.

Nepali Bloggers in kathamandu

Altogether the event saw the presence of 20 bloggers. The informal event started from 4:30 PM and lasted for about half an hour up to 5:00 PM.

The main issues raised in the discussion session were basically about main stream medias and bloggers, how to integrate different bloggers and medias, how to deliver the best in us through our blogs, and the importance of blogging.

The meet up ended with the declaration of conduction next stronger event in December 10, 2010 A.D.

Sabin Gnawali represented Nepali Blogger at the Bloggers Meetup. 

By Sabin Gnawali
Author is an A-level graduate from Kathmandu, Nepal. He loves writing and has won amy awards in different competitions; the most recent one is the winner of Cambridge University’s essay writing competition on the ocassion of its 150th anniversary.

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