UK Viewers Reaction to Birata Ko chino – Nepali Movie

Last Sunday, Nepali Movie Birata Ko Chino was premiered in Farmborough of United Kingdom. With almost 200 viewers, the Premiere show was a great success; I must say. Well, you cannot expect more than that for your Nepali piece with a Hollywood-Nepali audience (apparently when it’s in UK). In own words of Richa Ghimire, the main cast for the Movie, “Didn’t expect that so many people will turn out for the premiere in Farmorough. Thank you Nepali’s in UK, I am happy.” There’s no reason why she shouldn’t be happy. All other cast and crew present at the event including Director cum producer, Shankar Ghimire were excited with the turn out. And more exciting was the viewer’s reaction for the movie.

Richa Ghimire Birata Ko Chino Premiere in UK

To be honest, Birata Ko Chino is not anything new from line of traditional Nepali movies and neither it promises to be so. It’s not like this movie is going to change the trend of Nepali movies or anything as such. But one thing, I find important is that people behind this movie made it available for audience abroad. Well, this may have some favour on their side (with promotion and revenue) but still the other important side is the work and effort to make it possible in several parts.

Moving forward to Viewers reaction, it was amazing. To have your own views you should probably go for the movie but still if you believe what people say on camera, it was awesome. Many viewers talked about the roles, story and music for appreciation. Mostly because it included Female in better role, women enjoyed and appreciated it. People here may not know Nepali actors, but hopefully, events like this will help to grow the Nepali Movies out of the box and work on their fame. On that note and in contrast, we people hardly have our exact opinions expressed. We seem good or at least pretend to be so with all Nepali stuff. I think people who are used to watching Nepali movies will undoubtedly like this movie. And with some viewers that are now adjusting to Nepali movies it’s like they also need to develop a kindda Nepalipan to tolerate Nepali Movies. But still failing to criticize may not be the appropriate solution. Criticism or say appropriate suggestion provides strength and inspirations to Nepali movie makers to improve their work and come with a better stuff in future.

Watch this Video of Viewers reaction after the movie and let’s see what you come up with. Don’t forget to let us know in the comments box below.

Thanks to everyone who made it to the event by following our invitation of the event. We also have the image gallery for you.

If you are in UK and missed this premiere event, dont worry we shall have some more premiere events in other places of UK including London, Reading and Plumbstead. Be subscribed to Nepali Blogger for event announcements. Meanwhile, dont forget to leave comments if you have something to say. See you there in other events!
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