Is our Media trying to restore monarchy in country?

Paras Shah Nepal ex princeFrustrated with the present political scenario of the country, it seems we are seeking some options out of the box. It doesn’t matter even if we need to return back, forget all the revolutions we created to come up to this stage. Well, not for many of us. But for Media like Sagarmatha Television, it seems so at least.

Surprised? You won’t be after watching a video interview with Paras Shah, ex prince of Nepal taken by a reporter of Sagarmatha television. The issues the reporter raises in the interview and the views from Paras looks like the reporter in keen interested in urging him to come back with the monarchy again in Nepal. What does this interview mean to the public?

What sort of News Reporters we have? Once we (along with the media) fought to abolish the Nepali Monarchy and the same media now with several interviews with the monarchs urges to tell them if they have planned to come back?

I don’t want to talk about all that in the interview. Watch the interview yourself.

Paras Shah’s Interview with Sagarmatha Television 1

Paras Shah’s Interview with Sagarmatha Television 2

Former Prince Paras has claimed that the institution of monarchy has not been abolished. He said the institution of monarchy has just been suspended. Speaking exclusively to Pramod Sedhain of Sagarmatha Television, former Prince Paras said that the institution of monarchy will not come to an end unless a stable constitution is written. He also stated that failure to forge unity among the institution of monarchy; political parties and the people have augmented to foreign intervention in the country. Shah said the institution of monarchy will reach out to the people to save the country from being a failed state. In a Sagarmatha television exclusive interview, he stressed on the need for unity among the three forces: monarchy, people and political parties for the betterment of the country. He argued that if the three forces unite, foreign forces would not get any opportunity to interfere in Nepal’s internal matters. “The people who had surrounded the then King are responsible for the abolishment of monarchy from Nepal”, ex prince Shah said. He also said the fall of the monarchy was due to the vested interests of those who were close to his father.

Common Media people don’t you understand the effect you have on society? Are you trying to generate more supporters for monarchy with their inspired interviews?
Well, true that our Media people lack professionalism. These people do such interviews just that they can be popular along with the controversy they create. Shame on you!

Image: Nagarik News; Video: Sagarmatha Televsion

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