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I hope every one of you are on Facebook these days and so let me suggest you a useful task today. Don’t worry; you can still keep on chatting with your friends, I will just ask you to spend your precious two minutes for something better for the country.

Thanks everyone for your Support. Your votes helped Sarvodaya to be the Runner up in the competition and win $100,000 that will be invested to build school in Nepal. The Voting is closed now. Thanks again. Go through our latest Post, “Sarvodaya Makes up to the 100k Charity!

Hurry up! We have just some days left. Oh let me start by telling you about the project first.
Here’s a simple story to get started and basic idea of it.Click and Help
Bikesh Deshar lost his father to an unknown cause when he was six. Bikesh, now 12, and his mother, who had married very young and had remained a housewife, were left to a life of uncertainty. When it came to Bikesh’s education, they turned to Jyotidaya Cooperative School. The school is a local youth run cooperative that provides education to about 300 children in the community. Like Bikesh, 1 in 8 Jyotidaya Students study for free. For others tuition fee is at least 40% less than a comparative private school. Over the last three years, 100% the students who have taken SLC from Jyotidaya have passed. Mostly in the First Division.
This Jyotidaya is a part of Sarvodaya Nepal, a non-profit and non-governmental organization established in 2008.
Yes, we are talking about a NGO. I can understand how most of us take it now. But to make it more clear Shisir Khanal, the President of Sarvdoaya Nepal puts it “Sarvodaya Nepal is inspired by Gandhian philosophy of non-violence, service and sacrifice. It aims at the welfare and awakening of all.”
Well, here’s the task before we go on to exploring more details;
Sarvodaya is participating on a Facebook competition organized by US Based Chase Bank. About 500,000 small US registered organizations are competing to win over $5 million. An organization with the most votes by July 12, 2010 will receive $250,000. As of today, Sarvodaya is on the 4th position. If Sarvodaya wins the competition, it would build Jyotidaya Cooperative School in Chapagaun, Nepal.
Now you definitely need to lend your help to this; With Few screenshots I will tell you how simple it is to just go through clicks.

1. Go the Link of Charity Page.

2. Click on “Get Started to vote”

Get Started to Vote
3. “Allow” Access

Allow your Information 4. Click on”Like” & Close

Click on Like the Page
5. Finally Click on green “Vote Now”

Vote now for Sarvodaya

Well, that’s it. You can also ask your friends to support this.
So what is Sarvodaya doing anyway?
“Our aim is to provide quality education to all, despite their economic circumstances,” said Shisir Khanal, the President of Sarvdoaya Nepal and Executive Director of Sarvodaya USA.

Sarvodaya believes that the school is a replicable model that could be started in other communities in Nepal. The school provides quality education competitive with private school at a cost of government schools. Children in the community who cannot pay study for free. Run by local youth from the community Jyotidaya School symbolizes community cooperation and power of collective social action.

“Sarvodaya encourages everyone to give for the betterment of society. In Nepal, we run on 100% voluntary basis and it is a small organization. However, working with young volunteers from Kathmandu schools, we have put ourselves on the top of a Global competition. In 10 days, we jumped from 155th position to the number fourth. This only shows that even a small but collective effort has a tremendous positive impact,” added Mr. Khanal.

Watch Some Woks of this organisation in the Videos below.

“shramadana in Nepal. A group of young students went to a small village and worked with villagers to fix a trail. After 30 years a trail that was difficult to walk was fixed.”

“A-level students at Brihaspati Vidyasadan, a private school in Kathmandu, Nepal, gave back to the community. They raised funds and went to the village to paint a village school. They gave, they received. They learnt and grew. It’s the power of shramadana.”

Hope you are convinced to vote now! If you have any query related to this, please leave a comment below or directly contact Shisir Khanal at [email protected] regarding any organisational information. You May also like to visit the Official Site of Sarvodaya.

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