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I really like Mysansar not only for its daily news and gossips but also for the Social causes it bring forward to make people engaging and responsible. I still remember reading some other social projects of MySansar before but being helpless to support it. This time, I thought of writing a blog post to support the Social Cause regardless of thoughts on how big or small support it is. The main idea behind is also request you to support the cause in your possible way.
Establishing Library in Nepal
Mysansar wants to use this cause for educational development in Nepal. It wants to establish a library to support a rural school ‘Bageshwari Uccha Madhyamik Vidhyalaya’ in Khadbari of Sankhuwasabha.
Obviously education in rural areas of Nepal is very poor and in critical situation. Let alone other educational qualities, the books even don’t reach on time. It’s a fact that most brilliant Nepali students, those who have the hunger for studies come from the rural areas but ironically, the students of rural areas are kept far from sufficient materials for their studies. Lot of government schools in rural areas run the whole semester without books. Imagine a situation of running schools without books. Although the government intends to distribute free books to students till secondary level, its hard time for them fulfilling those obligations on time.
Let’s just stop blaming responsible ones. Let’s do something on our part. Now when Mysansar has initiated the small step, we can go forward to support it. You can support this cause in two ways, providing Books or by financial support to buy books.
For specific details on how you can help, please visit the post “पुस्तकालय खोल्न तपाईँको साथ चाहियो
Your support will help to open a library to support the education of the students and interested people. One interesting thing, Do you know this cause is supported by Nepali celebrity Jharna Bajracharya?

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