Why we have to endure it all again?

We endured all these once. It was ok back then, when it was been said, was to overthrow the malevolent monarch. We endured, longing for a new beginning. We hoped it would bury the hatchet.

Why is it that we have to endure it all again? Well, what were the aftermaths if we have to get down on the street intermittently? Why are we just not let us be? Your smugness has been portrayed, but still why do you intrude into our civilian life? Where is our autonomy and the very basic human right? Our anguish and vexation laden mind now needs some soothe. If you befall to be human being like us, just let us be.

We already have apprehensions to get rid of. We have already been awfully struck by several shunts. This freight of tenderness and awe has already been hefty.  Please don’t add one. We already remain tightly bound by the manacle of catastrophes. Please don’t tend to taut the manacle anymore. We civilians refuse to perceive that you, being the great Nepalese, abided by great history of peace and hospitality, fail to salvage us from these grievances. It would be so brutal of you not to ointment our grief.

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