Country where bricks are meant to rubble

Gordon Brown resigns in United Kingdom, Barack Obama appoints new chief justice in New England, Cloud of ashes hover over the European skies, Pope, on visit to Portugal accentuates on purity of the church, and another plead for Iranians to come clear over the obscurity of their nuclear arsenal form the Russian prime minister.Well…this is what the global Medias have been venerating for over a week. Far from the acquaintances of global Medias, country from where these jotting come from, there have been happening a lot too. Things happening around here are sufficiently intense to entice BBC’s attention to this part of the world. But to the populaces here, mishapsare routine.

Maoists NepalBearing in mind, the catastrophic conditions of Afghanistan, Pakistan and other lands of jihadist, we might rank a little low in the crusade index. But we will surely rank high in the index of empathy when mentioned the fact that we have been through this ordeal. We endured it all once longing for a new sunshine. But alas!! We couldn’t even have the dawn. We have been eclipsed back again.
Nepal, the homeland Lord Buddha (lord of nonviolence), land of Mount Everest (summit which we regarded the symbol of our serenity), land of temples and sculpture, has now been so mutated that our legacy is now our shame. Nepalese, abided by the history of hospitality have mutated to brute. We hold a bold history that we never failed to preserve our autonomy even with bare hands. Our awkward weapons of sword, khukhuri, clubs and stones were good enough to defy the ammos of East India Company. But now, the copious modern ammos are doing nothing prolific.
Our ancestors had crafty hands. If not fortified castles, they could still build up artistic temples and palaces. This virtue of our forefathers helped us dignify ourselves as Nepalese. Now we havemade our legacy a thing of vanity. Beholding the sculptures we comprehend, how, onerously created bricks couldfabricate astounding glimpse. Living in so called new Nepal we can comprehend, how, easily made bricks rubble down things.

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